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Episode 129, January 24, 2022 “The Tingler”

Week #4 of the year 2022 Day #24

Greetings and salutations, it is me, Michael D, how are you, call me Stew

It’s Day #24 of the first month of the year 20-22

Settle in for Episode #129 of the Stew For Lunch, Stew For You, Stew Ramble on this Masters of the Universe Monday

Reading from a selection of the Darkhorse Publications “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium”

SPECIAL ADILITIES Superhuman strength
Herman was a giant but gentle hermit who lived in a cave in Mount Fear, overlooking the village of Ruxtown. Periodically, he would go down to the village for water from the old well. However, the residents of Ruxtown were frightened by his gigantic appearance, and rumors spread like wildfire of a terrifying and dangerous monster called the Tingler that lived on Mount Fear. Eventually, when the urban legend of the Tingler was investigated by Prince Adam and Teela, they found that Herman was no monster; he was, in fact, kind and friendly. When Herman saved the life of the peasant woman Emma, he finally won the villagers’ favor and was accepted among them. He and Emma then began to fall in love.
TRIVIA: Writer Rowby Goren named the character “Herman” after the 1960s band Herman’s Hermits.

The Tingler was from episode 120 of the Masters of the Universe Filmation series.

Tingler’s character model is a reuse of Cambro from The Heart of a Giant.

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