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Monthly Archives: May 2012

What is Boy George’s real name?
George O’Dowd

Name 2 of the African countries that the equator passes through?

Gabon, Congo. Zaire, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia

How many Soldiers made up a Roman Cohort?

What is the title of Beethovens only opera?

In which songs are the following words dealt:
a. “the queen of hearts is always your best friend” . Desperado (Eagles)
b. “the joker ain’t the only fool who’ll do anything for you” . Queen of hearts (Dave Edmunds)
c. “I can see your out of aces” The gambler (Kenny Rogers)
d. “read’em and weep, the deadmans hand again” Ace of spades (Motorhead)

True or false: A US Gallon is bigger than a UK Gallon?

In which Middle Eastern country is Mecca?
Saudi Arabia

How many times did Mary Queen of Scots get married?
Three Times

Which famous duo also recorded under the name ‘Tom and Jerry?
Simon and Garfunkel

Who are or were the following sport personalities romancing?
Anna Kournikova (E. I.) Enrique Iglesias
Tom Brady (G. B.) Gisele Bundchen
Joe Dimaggio (M. M.) Marilyn Monroe
Dennis Rodman (M. L. C.) Madonna Louise Ciccone
Wayne Gretzky (J. J.) Janet Jones
Andre Agassi (B. S. and B. S.) Barbara Streisand and Brooke Shields

Which day did the Boomtown Rats not like?
Which is the largest of the Caribbean Islands?
How many countries were represented at the first meeting of the League of Nations held in Geneva in 1920?
What do you call a stadium used for cycling events?
Which company built the following classic cars:
a. V8 Vantage – Aston Martin
b. XK150 – Jaguar
c. Enzo – Ferrari
d. Countach – Lamborghini
e. Boxster – Porsche
f. F1 – McLaren

What do Alexander Onassis, Rocky Marciano, Roald Amundsen, Audie Murphy and Aaliyah all have in common?

They all perished in a plane crash

Who was George Michael’s partner in the group Wham?

Andrew Ridgely

What country is the world’s largest exporter of Frog’s Legs?


In which country is the site of the battle of Waterloo?


What is known as the sport of kings?

Horse Raciing

Which Greek king turned all he touched into gold?


Name the Blues style that first emerged from the southern Mississippi river area around 1910.

Delta Blues

Which barrier went up in 1961?

Berlin Wall

How many states made the Declaration of Independence 2, 8, 13 or 17?


At which winter sport does one lie on one’s back?


What significance does the presence of oranges have in the three Godfather films?

ANSWER: (They forecast a violent death or close call.)

Audio: 2012-05-30-FlatRockTap-Trivia

Polonia Today

Enjoy the “World’s Most Visited Polish American Website in the English Language.”

What did Marilyn Monroe claim was the only thing she wore in bed?

Chanel No. 5

Grappa is made with pomace. What is pomace?

The residue or what is left over after grapes are pressed. (seeds, skins, stems and pulp)

In which Dickens novel did Uriah Heep appear?

David Copperfield

Which German Nazi was known as the butcher of Lyon?

Klaus Barbie

The following are the first words to which US TV theme songs

a. They’re creepy…. Adams Family

b. Come and listen… Beverly Hillbillies

c. Making your way… Cheers

d. Love exciting and new… tLove Boa

e. Here we come, walkin… The Monkees

f. It’s time to…The Muppet Show

g. Just sit right… Gilligan’s Island

h. Here’s the story of a lovely lady… Brady Bunch

i. There’s a man who leads a life of danger… Secret Agent Man

j. Hello world hear the song we’re sing-in The Partridge Family

k. Dance your cares away… Fraggle Rock

l. I bet we’ve been together for a million years…. Family Ties

m. It’s a beautiful… Mister Rogers Neighborhood

n. Ha ha ha Woody Wood Pecker

o. Thank you… Golden Girls


How many rivers does Saudi Arabia have?


What Spanish artist said he would eat his wife when she died?


Where was the car crash that cost Edward Kennedy the presidential nomination in 1980?

Chappaquiddick Island

Who played the part of James Bond in the first Casino Royale?

David Niven

What was Bretts last supper in the film Pulp Fiction ? (food and beverage)

A Big Kahuna (cheese) burger and a Sprite


Which famous number was dreaded by people in Orwell’s 1984?

101 (Room 101)

What was the fat boy’s nickname in ‘Lord of the Flies’?


Who was CIA Director from 1976-1977?

George Bush

Name the three song titles used in the film An American Werewolf in London

Blue Moon, Moondance and Bad Moon Rising

In which countries would you find the following cities ?

a. Cayenne – French Guyana

b. Tabasco – Mexico

c. Whiskeytown – USA

d. Gin Gin – Australia