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Category Archives: Cancer Battle Updates

Stew getting some Rituxan pumped into his port.

So glad I am not doing this anymore.

My CT scan went well Monday April 11th and I received the results today at Dr. Jano’s office. My blood levels went well except my White Blood Cell count was 1.8 which was my lowest so far during treatment. I was given a boost shot and that’s all I have to say about my blood.

So the most important news is the following, “What has two thumbs and has no residual cancer in his body?” THIS GUY RIGHT HERE! (I am pointing two thumbs at myself)

Stew found out that there is no cancer in his body.

The CT results show bone damage to my jaw where the tumor ate away part of said jaw. I am going to continue my Zometa treatments which is given to strengthen my bones.

I have another chemo treatment set up for next week April 20th and 21st. I will then continue monthly Zometa treatments. Then in late June I will have another CT scan.


Love Stew



Mark Your Calendar

Date: Friday, April 15th
Time: 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Location: Wicker Park Social Center, Highland IN
Tickets: $25 per person

Purchase tickets in advance by contacting Debbie Wargo at (219) 844-1230 or at

Flat Rock Tap, 6732 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, IN (219) 852-5262.


Make checks payable to: Michael D. Stewart Benefit Fund

Mail checks to: Debbie Wargo

Radio Center
Hammond, IN 46320

or call Debbie at 219-844-1230



Step Up for Stew.




People are awesome. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have so much love in my life.



I am finding my food consumption lately to be very bizarre. I really have no taste but do feel my tummy getting empty from time to time. The various foods I consume have been a lot of Chinese food, peanuts, oatmeal and pickles. Plus Diet Ginger Ale.

Since I started Chemotherapy on January 4th Ought Eleven my days have been filled with extreme tiredness. The 5th, 6th and 7th I was fine. But on my birthday Jan 8th I awoke with extreme exhaustion. I played bocce ball at Center Lounge OK enough to get a victory. That night I made it through dinner at Taco Real with Kristin Brian Bridget Greg and Jeni no problemo. (see what I did there?, a little spanglish) We went to Flat Rock Tap that night and I was feeling fine. Sunday morning I came home, thanks to Jessica, slept from 3amish to 5pm Sunday evening. I then barely moved from my back room chair where I watched Machete with mi papa. Finally went to bed around Midnight and then Monday I awoke around 11 hours later. Man sleeping is OK but I do not like being this tired. Tuesday was my day for a blood test and I was expecting a low low red and white blood cell count. My blood cell count was expected, aka nothing out of the ordinary. I will talk more about my blood counts and test results in another post. So my Doctor, Dr. Jano tells me we are going to do a Bone Marrow Aspiration test. OH JOY. We do that and now I await my next appointment on Jan 20th for a blood test and the bone marrow results. Well Wednesday an Thursday I have felt great, yes I am tired and sleep about 9-10 hours but I make myself get up and live life. God Bless all those who are praying for me and keeping the Stew in their thoughts. I love you all and truly feel your love.