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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Rambling on about a few things on this 2/26/21 episode. Buckwheat SNL, NWI businesses mentioned (Flat Rock Tap and Top Notch.) Mentions of a few friends, side comments about potato, social media, and just Stew being a goof. thank you for the music.

SNL Alfalfa Buckwheat Info

Episode 6 of the new run of Stew For Lunch. I went with recording from my phone and using the anchor app for recording and music under the entire run of my ramble today. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy the 5th of Stew. Made a sandwich and rambled a bit.

When When you’re weary Feeling small When tears are in your eyes I’ll dry them all I’m on your side Oh, when times get rough And friends just can’t be found. You can count on me to be your Stew. This makes no sense, just listen to the latest edition of me yapping. The descent into madness starts with the first step.

Hey we got music now Music:

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and audio. I am a work in progress for all to bare witness. Why provide perfection, when progress and trudging is the true way. Here is the 3rd edition for the Stew audio experience. Gregg suggested some smooth jazz intro outro, perhaps I will invest in some fair use music just for that purpose. Have a great day.

Stew For Lunch is released Noon Chicago time, M-F.

Another day on Earth and no reason you have to listen to that same song over and over. Why not listen to my voice and here me share a “day in the life” moment. I like to hear my own voice.

Snowy weather got the broadcasting bug brewing in Stew.

It has been quite awhile since a “Stew for Lunch” program aired on the radio airwaves. 2012 is the year but even my memory for useless knowledge can’t pinpoint the date nor the month. Anyway, as I type this it should be quite apparent, I am a talker not a writer. I was never one to really script what I was saying sans a ad copy or proper dedication type situation. I present to you the viewer and hopefully listener the beginning of a renewed passion of broadcasting. Stay strong and bare with me as I square away the technical issues and vocal rust. My goal is to tape live as if I turn on the “On-Air” light and away I go.

Episode One: Reheating of Stew

A new Stew For Lunch experience coming soon.