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  1. What spice could you use to protect your home from spirits entering?
  2. Who recorded “Creatures of the Night”?
  3. Roman soldiers were given slaves – what were they called?
  4. Venus Observa is the technical term for what?
  5. What is the most common plastic surgery done on US men?
  6. What is the correct term for a fear of Halloween?
  7. Where would you find your columella – or what is it?





  1. Salt – Salt should be sprinkled across all the entrance-ways.
  2. KISS – This is the title of the band’s tenth album.
  3. Addicts addicted means enslaved
  4. Missionary position
  5. Breast Reduction
  6. Samhainophobia – Wiccaphobia is a fear of witchcraft.
  7. Space between nostrils

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