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  1. What is the proper term for a man who is a witch?
  2. What was Jack’s (of the Jack-O-Lantern) crime?
  3. In which song would you hear the line, “I’ll be gone when the morning comes.”?
  4. In the Archie comics what is Jughead’s first name?
  5. Which company’s logo is based on the legend of cat’s nine lives?
  6. In Greek what does Eunuch literally translate as?
  7. Which of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode a red horse?
  8. Which animal sleeps on its back?
  9. Name Steve McQueen’s Karate teacher – later an actor?
  10. If the doctor gave you salversan he would be treating your what?



  1. Witch – A warlock is a term that means traitor
  2. He tricked the devil – The devil was the one to condemn Jack.
  3. Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf wrote and recorded the song.
  4. Forsyth
  5. Ever Ready
  6. Bed Watcher
  7. Slaughter
  8. Only man or women
  9. Chuck Norris
  10. Syphilis

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