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  1. Who were the five U.S. presidents with four-letter last names?
  2. Name the members of KISS 1978 solo albums?
  3. In the spring of 1993, the TV game Jeopardy suffered a controversy, which threatened to jeopardize the show. What was the nature of this problem?
  4. In Which Athletics Event Are Competitors Known As Either “Spinners Or Shifters”?
  5. In cartoons whose original name was Jasper?






  1. Polk, Taft, Ford, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush
  2. Ace Frehley (1978), Peter Criss (1978), Gene Simmons (1978), Paul Stanley (1978)
  3. There were accusations from a former employee of the show that at the last minute they were rigging questions to favor women contestants
  4. Shot Putt
  5. Tom – From Tom and Jerry

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