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1. Which color of blue has been named after a mecca for surfers in Australia?
2. What Pink Floyd song was banned by the South African government after it became an anthem for black school children?
3. Chicken is the leading cause of what food born illness?
4. In the movie The Mask what kind of dog was Milo?
5. Can you name the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions whose names contain a cardinal direction?

1. Bondi Blue
2. Another Brick in the Wall
3. Salmonella poisoning
4. A Jack Russell Terrier
5. NORTH-5 Northwestern, Northern Illinois, North Carolina, North Carolina State, North Texas
EAST-2 Eastern Michigan, East Carolina
SOUTH-5 Southern Florida, South Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Southern Methodist, Southern Cal
WEST-4 Northwestern, Western Kentucky, Western Michigan, West Virginia

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