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Stuart Vener joins the Stew for Lunch show Friday October 14th at 12:40pm to talk the US Housing Market.

To learn more about Stuart Vener you can visit and you can call (877) 94-HELPME

The American dream of owning a home is being put on the backburner as the US Housing Market sees the worst decline since the Great Depression.

The reason some experts state are tighter-credit rates, prolonged job losses and reduced government involvement.

Will the housing market ever see another boom like the one during the mid 90s? Stuart Vener is eager to discuss the future of the housing market by answering these questions:

What caused that boom of home sales in the mid 90s and will America ever see another one?

How do tighter credit rates impact the purchase of new homes and how has that influenced the record low home purchases today?

Do you feel a reduced government involvement in the housing industry has led to the lack of new or existing home purchases, or has government involvement been the cause all along?

How are the high unemployment rates impacting the record low home purchases?

What can Americans do to accomplish their dream of owning a home in this tough economic and housing market era?


Meet Stuart Vener


National Real Estate and Mortgage Expert

A pioneer in the “Second-Chance” property program which assisted thousands of satisfied clients walk away from upside down, negative equity, properties.

Stuart Vener is a Director of Community Housing and Development Corp., a charity that has provided over $100 million in down payment gifts for buyers.

Called upon by radio and television as an expert on Real Estate and Mortgages

Consulted Morris Shenker, CEO of the Dunes Hotel

Consulted Noah Dietrich, partner to Howard Hughes


To learn more about Stuart Vener, please visit:

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