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Episode 142, “Whiplash,” April 25, 2022

Week #17 of the year 2022 Day #115

Salutations, I am Michael D, aka Stioux.

It’s Day #18 of the 4th month of the year 20-22

Settle in for Episode #142 of the Stew For Lunch, Stew For You, Stew Ramble on this Masters of the Universe Monday Reading from a selection of the Darkhorse Publications “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium”



Evil Tail-Thrashing Warrior


Torrent Krazut


Spear, Sword, Electro shocker blade


Powerful tail, Super Senses, Brute Strength


Evil Warriors

Monster Warriors

Demons of Evil

Snake Men


An inhabitant of the Demon Zone, Whiplash initially served the Demon King, Kraal, and had a legion of creatures serving him. He became one of Skeletor’s most confident and trusted warriors, using his strong tail to throw boulders or cause rockslides. He could track enemies over great distances with his keen sense of smell.

Although loyal to Skeletor, Whiplash actually saved Eternia on one occasion, when he traveled to the Royal Palace and warned the heroes about the appearance of the demon Sh’Gora and its impending assault on the planet.


As in other media, the reptilian brute known as Whiplash was one of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors in the MOTU mini comics. The lizard-like creature was a mighty combatant whose most prominent feature was his thick, muscular tail. Whiplash could manipulate his tail to deliver devastating blows to his enemies. The tail was so powerful that it could wrap itself around a full grown man and easily lift him into the air.

Whiplash’s simplistic way of speaking indicated that the thuggish reptile possessed a low level of intelligence. However, he more than made up for this lack of brains with ferocious strength and a savage disposition.


Whiplash was depicted wearing yellow pants in the mini comic The Clash of Arms. This look was based on a concept design.

Bonus Info:

Whiplash first appeared in episode 74 Island of Fear but his first named episode is:

To Save Skeletor is the 75th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Paul Dini and Beth Bornstein and directed by Lou Kachivas.

Voiced by: John Erwin

That’s today’s selection, I am Stew and hopefully you are stupendous.


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