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Episode 139, “Faker,” April 4, 2022

Week #14 of the year 2022 Day #94

Salutations, I am Michael D, aka Stioux.

It’s Day #4 of the 4th month of the year 20-22

Settle in for Episode #139 of the Stew For Lunch, Stew For You, Stew Ramble on this Masters of the Universe Monday Reading from a selection of the Darkhorse Publications “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium”


TITLES: Evil Robot of Skeletor, Evil Robotic He-Man Impersonator

AFFILIATIONS: Evil Warriors, Monster Warriors

WEAPONRY: Orange Sword of Power, Orange ax, Orange shield

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Superhuman strength, Impersonation of He-Man


Magically created by Skeletor to fool the Sorceress, Faker was an evil replica of He-Man, only distinguishable by his glowing eyes and a voice with little inflection. After a brief battle with the real He-Man, Faker fell down the bottomless gorge surrounding Grayskull.


The MOTU mini comics, along with the action figures they accompanied, depicted Faker with a radically different appearance from the Filmation animated series. Though he possessed He-Man’s physique, the robotic Faker had blue skin and wore an orange version of Skeletor’s armor. Despite these differences, Skeletor was still able to use Faker to confuse his enemies.

Faker’s sole minicomic appearance established that he was a longtime member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors. Faker was summoned to help Skeletor prevent King Randor from piercing the veil between dimensions, but was defeated by the combined efforts of King Randor and the Sorceress when King Randor’s spear flew straight into the android’s chest.

TRIVIA: Faker was meant to be prominently featured in Ring of Dreams, a minicomic story that was never released.

Faker only appeared in Episode 2 “The Shaping Staff” of the Filmation series. 

That’s today’s subject of the MOTU Monday, Faker and the truth is, I am Stew and I want you to be stupendous.

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