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“Skeletoids” Episode 131, February 7, 2022

Week #5 of the year 2022, Day #38

It’s Day #7 of the 2nd month of the year 20-22

Settle in for Episode #131 of the Stew For Lunch, Stew For You, Stew Ramble on this Masters of the Universe Monday. Reading from a selection of the Darkhorse Publications “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium”

The Skeletoids were half-sized duplicates of Skeletor, which Skeletor created using the Duplicator machine he stole from Man-At-Arms. He set them upon the Royal Palace of Eternos, and his army of Skeletoids soon overran the Royal City. Although he intended to use them to take over Eternia, the Skeletoids all shared Skeletor’s personality, and this proved to be their weakness when they began to fight among themselves over which of them deserved the seat of power in Eternia. This gave He-Man the opportunity to destroy the ma chine, causing the Skeletoids to vanish.

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