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Looking back or really just reading off the list of songs played during the only “live to tape” remote broadcast show during the wild wild days of Sleeping With Stew.

Stew – Green Coat
Episode 51 4/28/2021

Track Listing of Songs from March 17, 2007 Sleeping With Stew Saturday Night Radio Program “St. Patty’s Grunge Party” You can find the entire songs on my Spotify playlist: Sleeping With Stew – St. Patty’s Grunge Party

  • Dead & Bloated – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Dam That River – Alice in Chains
  • Rape Me – Nirvana
  • Breath – Pearl Jam
  • Rusty Cage – Soundgarden
  • Number One Blind – Veruca Salt
  • Breaking the Girl – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack – Joel Jerome (Originally by Beck)
  • On a Plain – Nirvana
  • Thunder Kiss ’65 – White Zombie
  • Cut You In – Jerry Cantrell
  • Alone – Pearl Jam

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