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Enjoying some of the music from the Sleeping With Stew Saturday Night Radio program. Going through the track list of local artists in NWI

Happy birthday, 1986 - Jenna Coleman
actress: Doctor Who, Emmerdale, Death Comes to Pemberley, Victoria, Me Before You

Track Listing March 3, 2007 “All Local Saturday”

  • Stop the Pain – Perfect Red
  • Plain Fuzzy Sunday – O’Neill & Wean
  • Skin Deep – Janus
  • Body Rocket – G-Bot
  • Catastrophe – Lying Delilah
  • For How Long – Easy Tiger
  • Abundant Sunshine – Sally (Not able to put on Spotify Playlist)
  • Slow Poke – Sam Winch
  • Feeling the Time Pass By – This Is Me (Not able to put on Spotify Playlist)
  • Pangea’s Box – Shred Eagle
  • Burn, Burn, Burn – Oh My God
  • Horse – Cealed Kasket
  • New School – Buddy Nuisance*
  • Preoccupied – Shades of Fiction*

*Songs scheduled to play but did not air that night.

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