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Friday 3-19-21 has made its way into our lives, here is a little bit of audio from yours truly, Stew. A ramble and a recap of the music played on an old episode of Sleeping With Stew Saturday Night Radio Program.

Episode 22:

You can listen to these songs on my Spotify Playlist: Sleeping With Stew – January 13. 2007 The Budgie is song is not available there so I put on link to YouTube version.

  • Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
  • I Ain’t No Mountain – Budgie
  • Solar Angels – Judas Priest
  • Dirty White Boy – Foreigner
  • Passenger – The Grateful Dead
  • Cinderella – Firefall
  • Ezy Ryder -Jimi Hendrix
  • Land Ho! – The Doors
  • Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
  • Chasin’ Ladies – Dust
  • Long Red – Leslie West
  • Dancing Madly Backwards – Captain Beyond
  • Slight Hesitation – Easy Tiger
  • Your Arms – Janus

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