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      They call her useless
      And yet push for achievement.
            “I want a baby.”
      They bicker between themselves,
      And reproach her for being distant.
            “My friends have so much fun.”
      They dwell on money,
      And indenture her to loyalty.
            “I can’t stand this every day.”
                  She is innocent.
                  They have ambitions.

There was a girl who was both a good student and a good athlete. Her family did not find that to be enough. They pushed her to spend all her time studying or practicing for her next sport competition. Finally, she could stand it no further. She ran away.

Her family was firmly convinced it was a kidnapping.

In so many families, a girl is told how useless she is. Is it any wonder she gets pregnant? A boy is told how lazy he is. Is it any wonder he rebels as an act of individuality?

When parents demand without understanding, they thwart development. Forcing children to fulfill parental ambitions destroys individuality. Before parents blame their children, they should first look to how their daughters and sons were raised.


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