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Where is Tao right now?
      You say that it is all around me, but I
      Only see my surroundings, only feel my own heartbeat.
      Can you show me Tao without reasoning it out in my mind?
      Can you help me feel it as doubtlessly as I touch?
      You argue that Tao is beyond the senses,
      But how do I know it exists?
      You say that Tao is beyond definitions,
      Then how will I understand it?
      It is hard enough understanding the economy, my relationships.
      The bewilderment of world events, violence, crime,
      Drug abuse, political repression and war.
      With all these things requiring years to fathom,
      How can I understand something that is 
      Colorless, nameless, flavorless, intangible, and silent?
      Show me Tao! Show me Tao!

Look within, beyond the physical body; you have the faculties to do so. Focus your mind away from sensual input, and you will discover a new mode of perception. With this mode of perception, you can sense Tao. Once you search in this way, you will find Tao and have no doubts about it.

Found this comb and left this comb alone.

Found this comb and left this comb alone.

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