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Make the mind
A single point.

The key to any meditation is to concentrate the mind into a single point. There are many methods of doing this, from singing, to listening to holy words, to contemplative procedures. But the end result is the same: to sharply focus the mind.

  • A point has a definite position in space but neither size nor shape.
  • A point marks an actual place in time, such as a point of departure.
  • A point is the very essence of something, as in the point of an idea.
  • A point is a coordinate for navigation.
  • A point is the dominant center, as in the principal point of perspective.
  • A point determines our outlook, as in point of view.

Once the mind is made into a single point, it takes on the above attributes. In contrast, a mind that is not focused is dispersed over a wide area. Its thoughts are scattered, its energies are in disarray, and it cannot move clearly in any direction. It is at the mercy of a thousand influences and is easily disoriented. The result is confusion, ignorance, unhappiness, and helplessness. A mind that is clearly focused, however, receives all things and can abide in utter tranquility. It is no exaggeration to say that its world revolves around it. It no longer has to chase after all that appears before it.


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