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Trivia at Flat Rock Tap LIVE TONIGHT May 22, 2014

Another edition of live trivia at Flat Rock Tap with yours truly Michael D “Stew” Stewart. Showtime starts 8pm with music, games begin around 820 and about 830 questions begin, have fun we got a great crowd. So come on out and  enjoy a wonderful night and once again free trivia prizes for first and second place plus tons of fun with me, Michael D. See you at 8. No smoking

Come as a group or play by yourself, we don’t judge (actually I do judge your answers to determine if they are correct.) Teams can play up to 4 or 5 MAX. Great food and wonderful staff await your presence at Flat Rock Tap Topics vary from born on this day, sports, movies, food, books and much more.

So be like Robocop and bring your brain out for some trivia fun.


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