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  1. What 1945 film won best picture, actor and director Oscars?
  2. In the Beverly Hillbillies what was the name of Ellie’s Chimp?
  3. When did the last dinosaurs roam earth? A. Over 100 million years ago B. Around 20 million years ago C. Around 65 million years ago.
  4. This Pittsburgh radio station is considered to be the first to broadcast in the U.S. Do you know its call letters?
  5. What game would you be playing if you were placing bombs and a flag on a field?





  1. The Lost Weekend
  2. Cousin Bessie
  3. C. Around 65 million years ago; A Triceratops may have been the last dinosaur standing, according to a new study that determined a fossil from Montana
  4. KDKA – Pittsburgh
  5. Stratego

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