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  1. Who were the original five players elected to baseball’s hall of fame in 1936 and which one played for only one team during his entire Major League career?
  2. What was the highest denomination bill that is not used by the public but is used by who and who is on the bill?
  3. What sin have inhabitants of Dante’s first circle of hell committed?
  4. In Sesame Street name the two headed friendly monster?
  5. Where would you find your natal cleft?





  1. Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, and Honus Wagner), Walter Johnson – Washington Senators (Cobb, Matthewson and Wagner played for two teams and the Babe, of course, for three)
  2. 100,000 bills used by the Federal Reserve Banks. Woodrow Wilson.
  3. Pride – they are crushed by stones
  4. Frank and Stein
  5. Ass it’s the crack

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