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  1. Pirating was an equal-opportunity profession, even though it was dominated by men. There were two women who are usually featured in the list of the Top Ten Pirates. What are their names?
  2. A ship acting as a pirate but having been issued with official permission to attack ships of an enemy country is known as a…?
  3. Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard operated around the 1700s in what area of the seas and captained which two ships?
  4. The Pirates of the Caribbean was  the last attraction which Walt Disney himself participated in designing; it opened three months after his death, in the spring of what years?
  5. Name as the players for the Pittsburgh Pirates who have won at National League MVP as a Pirate?




  1. Anne Bonny and Mary Read
  2. Privateer
  3. The West Indies and the two ships were the Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Adventure.
  4. 1967
  5. Barry Bonds (1990, 1992)

Roberto Clemente (1966)

Dick Groat (1960)

Dave Parker (1978)

Willie Stargell (1979)

Paul Waner (1927)

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