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killjoy; someone who takes a pessimistic view of things

About the Word:

Black crepe fabric was once an important part of mourning ritual. It was sewn into dresses and veils, wrapped in bands around hats and arms, and draped over doors.

We can speculate that to those who started using this insult, a crepehangerwas a “killjoy” almost in a literal sense – the sort of person who took pleasure in a funeral.


BOZO Criminal of the day.

He Should Have Stopped With “My Truck Was Stolen”
Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Howard Rost for sending in today’s report form Orchard Park, New York. It seems our unnamed bozo called the cops to report that his truck had been stolen. Nothing wrong with that. It was just that our bozo gave the cops a little too much information. He told them he had been smoking crack cocaine with a prostitute when he gave her $200 and the keys to his truck and told her to go get more drugs. That was the last he saw of her. He’s busted!


CLEVELAND (AP) — Bill Downing is a Harvard MBA and CEO. Now, he wants to add some more letters after his name — MD. Downing is heading to medical school at the age of 46. The Ohio businessman wants to be a doctor working in an urban setting. He tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer he feels the need to invest the rest of his active career in improving the inner city.


PITTSBURGH (AP) — It was more than some shoppers could “bear.” A Pittsburgh-area mall was evacuated after a bear decided do a little browsing, Authorities say a young black bear ambled across a parking lot, through doors and into Sears. According to local media, the 125-pound bear walked around the store for about 10 minutes. He also growled at some customers, then got stuck between double doors. Officers from the Pennsylvania Game Commission tranquilized the bear and took him away from the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) — It’s a new Dew. Johnson City, Tennessee, is one of the places a new Mountain Dew is going to be test-marketed. It’s called Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold and will have a malt flavor. Tim Swecker is a local sales manager for Pepsi Beverages. He tells the Johnson City Press the new drink will be rolled out in about a month. He says it’s a great tribute to Johnson City. Swecker adds that many consider Johnson City to be the birthplace of Mountain Dew.


KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Meet the new Papa. Greg Fawcett is the winner of the Ernest “Papa” Hemingway Look-Alike contest in Key West, Florida. The white-bearded, 64-year-old North Carolina investment banker was crowned over the weekend. The contest is a highlight of the annual Hemingway Days celebration in Key West. Fawcett admits he’s not much of writer. But he says he can fish, hunt and drink like Hemingway. Fawcett adds that “three out of four is pretty good.”


ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — It’s a car race that doesn’t use a drop of gas. The University of Michigan team wins the 2012 American Solar Challenge. It’s the seventh victory for the Ann Arbor team since the race began in 1990, and their fourth straight. The cars cover 1,650 miles, from Rochester, New York to St. Paul, Minnesota. Michigan’s car is called the Quantum and it looks like something out of science fiction. The car is wing-shaped and covered in solar cells. The driver sits in a cockpit.


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — Oliver is giving wet kisses to the residents of an Iowa nursing home. But the seniors citizens don’t mind. Oliver is a poodle mix owned by Karen Mohring. Oliver and Mohring’s other pooch Logan are certified therapy dogs. Mohring tells the Sioux City Journal it’s wonderful to see the joy on the seniors faces, after they’ve spent a few minutes with her dogs.

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