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  1. Although it was nowhere near the water, the name of which extremely popular US TV series from the 1960s meant “calm sea”?
  2. Who went down to Hades to rescue his wife Eurydice?
  3. Name the captain of the following ships.
    a. Caine
    b. African Queen
    c. Pequod
    d. H.M.S. Hotspur
  4. What was the name of the Cuban President over thrown by Fidel Castro in 1959?
  5. In the 70s, astronomers had evaluated the number of existing stars at 10 and how many following zeros? (to 2 either way)


  1. Bonanza: Americanisation of the Spanish Bonacia, from Medieval Latin bonacia, calm sea, blend of Latin bonus, good, and Medieval Latin malacia, calm sea (from Greek malakiā, soft)
  2. Orpheus
  3. Four Answers:
    a. Queeg
    b. Allnut
    c. Ahab
    d. Hornblower
  4. General Fulgencia Batista
  5. 19 zeros (10 to the power of 20 to be precise)

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