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Stew for Lunch will interview Marina de Nadous, Thursday July 26th 2:15pm on the phone.


Housewives everywhere are picking up romance and erotica novels and leaving their lives of work, chores, and childcare behind to take off on fantastical journeys that heighten their souls and enrich their lives.

In a fascinating interview, Marina de Nadous, author of the enchanting new romance novel, The Celestial Sea: A Sacred Romance and Moral Quest, can discuss how women find empowerment reading about extraordinary and scandalous love affairs as well as:

  • Morality: should we listen to our hearts or to societal expectations?
  • The lure of fantasy: why women are drawn to make-believe
  • Mid-Life Crisis: can you find love and happiness in mid-life?

Marina de Nadous is an entrepreneur and free spirit who thinks and acts outside the box. She is an interior designer and early years educator, specializing in an alternative and artistic approach. Marina is interested in all aspects of the arts, and through her storytelling she portrays exquisite bliss, possible within domestic regularity. An experienced mother and housewife, she is passionate about finding that elusive “something”—the heaven in the here and now. Widely read and traveled, and the instigator of several community-based endeavors, she has spent many years harboring the seeds of The Celestial Sea Voyages.

The Celestial Sea can be purchased through and the kindle edition is currently available

The Celestial Sea will be available through all major booksellers on August 1, 2012


  1. Can I listen to this in England?
    It sounds fascinating…

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