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  1. The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews on screen, told the story of which real-life family?
  2. What does pumpernickel bread mean translated: hardworking boy, fart boy or lazy boy?
  3. Which royal house consisted of Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI?
  4. This Cleveland Browns quarterback threw an interception in the last game of the 1990 season and didn’t throw another until game 11 the next year after throwing 308 passes in a row without an interception…a then NFL record. Who is he?
  5. As of the 1990 Census what are the ten most common last names in the USA?




  1. Von Trapp
  2. Fart boy
  3. House of Lancaster
  4. Bernie Kosar
  5. Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore and Taylor

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