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1. Which snake is responsible for the greatest number of human deaths?
2. In which country is ‘The King and I’ set?
3. What kind of “home” is not allowed in Beverly Hills? (The last home you’d ever visit)
4. Since medieval times, name the patron saint of the following European countries.
a. Wales
b. Italy
c. England
d. Spain
e. Ireland
f. Scotland
g. France
5. In the 2010-2011 season Kenneth Faried of Morehead State broke the NCAA men’s Division I basketball record for most career rebounds. Whose record, which had lasted 15 years, did he break?


1. Cobra
2. Siam
3. A funeral home (hospitals and cemeteries are also not welcome)
4. Seven Answers:
a. St. David
b. St. Anthony
c. St. George
d. St James
e. St. Patrick
f. St. Andrew
g. St. Denys
5. Tim Duncan

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