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In what year was Elvis found dead in his bathroom and how old was the King?

1977 and 42 years old

Abby Sciuto is a forensic expert on which television show?

NCIS – Abby is a quirky character who is addicted to Caf-Pow. She names and
talks to all the machines in her lab.

How long is a league?

3 miles – There are 5280 yards in a league.

What author wrote the novel that the 2005 movie “Be Cool” was based on?

 Elmore Leonard – Be Cool was the sequel to Get Shorty. 

In 2008, Minnesota had to play a tiebreaker to get into the play-offs. What
team did they face in this one game contest? What was the record of the teams before the tiebreaker game?

Chicago – The Twins lost the game and were out of the play-offs. Both teams
finished the season with an 88-74 score.


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