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What did Saint Patrick do to achieve sainthood?

Converted Ireland to Christianity – The druids often had a tattoo of a snake
eating its own tail.

Harley Davidson came out with its first bike in? And what was it called?

1909 – It was called the Model 5.

What biblical name means ‘pleasure’?


If a ship’s captain orders you to furl the sails, you would?

Rail them to the yard arm – You would furl the sails during bad storms.

The series of films starring character Jason Bourne are based on the novels of
what author?

Robert Ludlum – Jason Bourne was played by Matt Damon on the silver

Who shares a spring training facility with the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Colorado Rockies – Both of these teams share the Salt River Fields at Talking
Stick. This stadium is the first MLB facility to be built on Native American Indian

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