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Here is the audio of Stew for Lunch’s interview with William Panzarella: 2012-04-26-Stew-Panzarella 

Writer, Researcher & Advocate for Veteran’s issues, William Panzarella, author of “American Horse,” which tells the story of the Greatest Generation, and the struggles of a World War II veteran to grapple with confliction, grief and regret.

Homelessness On The Rise For Female Veterans . . .

 CBS News reports that homelessness and economic struggles are escalating among female veterans as the number of women without permanent shelter has more than doubled in the last six years.
·         Is it up to the government to provide for veterans who risked their lives for their country?
·         Why is adjusting to life at home in America challenging?
·         What can you do as an individual to honor their service?

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