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Lisa Woodward

Vamp or tramp? news: Banned nightclub mum Lisa Woodward poses in a superhero-themed photoshoot | The Sun |News.

A mum-of-four banned from every nightclub in her home city for her skimpy outfits has been photographed posing as a superhero.

Lisa Woodman, 28, who was told she was too old to go clubbing scantily clad, dressed up for photographer friend Paul Beard.

The medical secretary from Worcester admits she likes flaunting her size six figure and surgically enhanced 36DD boobs..

She volunteered to take part in the studio shoot after Mr Beard told her he needed someone to pose for him to build up his portfolio.

Mr Beard said: “I met Lisa on a social-networking site last year as this is where I advertise for most of my models.

“When I said I needed someone to dress up as a superhero she volunteered straight away.”

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