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Right to Work Reality Check

As Governor Daniels prepares for his final State of the State address this evening, it’s time for a reality check on Indiana’s chief executive. In his TV ads pushing for the so called the “Right to Work” law, which are being paid for by secret donors that he refuses to name, and in speeches and interviews, the governor is continuing to peddle unsubstantiated claims and fuzzy math to try to make his point.


Study after study, including one that came out earlier this week from the University of Notre Dame, prove that this proposal lowers wages and living standards for working people, and actually has anet negative economic impact on the states that have passed it.

Regardless of what Governor Daniels says on TV or in tonight’s State of the State address about this legislation, here are the facts:

The truth is, hardworking Hoosier families need real solutions to the job crisis, not more of the same old politics. Gov. Daniels should put an end to his misleading, partisan attacks and instead bring people of both sides together to create quality jobs and put people back to work.


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