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Preparation is Key to Safe Winter Travel in Indiana

Leigh DeNoon

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It has been one of the mildest winters so far in decades, but you know what they say about Indiana weather: Wait a few minutes – it will change. Greg Seiter of the AAA Hoosier Motor Club says now is the time to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared to deal with cold, snow and ice.

Checking the battery and charging system is important, he says.

“You want to look at those battery terminals and cable ends, just to make sure that they’re free of corrosion. In addition, inspect your drive belts. Look at the underside of accessory drive belts for cracks or fraying.”

Seiter encourages Hoosiers not to be lax in preparing a winter survival kit for their vehicles.

“We would advise a bag of abrasive material – either sand, salt or kitty litter, or even traction mats – that you can use. A small snow shovel can come in handy. Also, a flashlight with extra batteries.”

Some water, non-perishable food and your cell phone and charger are other essentials for longer road trips this winter, Seiter adds.

Another important tip he offers is to pay attention to the weather forecast before leaving on a trip.

“Monitor the weather – also road conditions and construction. Even at this time of year, there can be construction delays. It’s important to be aware of those, too.”

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