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Administration moves to cut off citizens’ access to Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS – In response to the Daniels’ administration announcement today that Hoosiers’ access would be limited to the Statehouse beginning Jan. 1, 2012, Indiana AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott issued the following statement:
“For generations Hoosiers have been welcomed to the Indiana Statehouse where they could speak directly to their elected representatives about legislative matters that impact their daily lives. But with this decision by the Daniels’ administration, it is the people’s house no more.

Hiding behind the State Police and conveniently contrived capacity concerns, those in control of the Statehouse are using this “policy” to shut out the voices of dissent and limit access to government to only those they favor.  Under this policy neither lobbyist nor no donor will be turned away – yet every day, taxpaying citizens will be.

This arrogant move is clearly aimed at working people who in 2011 went to the Statehouse to protest the anti-worker agenda being advanced there – and it is wrong. Our Constitution guarantees us the right to petition our government, and this limits that fundamental right.

That it is the official policy of this state that the people’s voices are mere noise is tragic. And that those setting Indiana’s legislative priorities feel they must isolate people’s representatives from the citizens they represent is testament to how unpopular the policies they are advancing are.”

The Indiana State AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) is a federation of 800 local unions across the state belonging to 50 International Unions. In total, the Indiana State AFL-CIO represents more than 300,000 working Hoosiers.

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